Thursday, August 9, 2018

How Did You Find Your Literary Agent? What's your story, Morning Glory?

This fall, I'm going to teach a seminar on finding the literary agent who's best for you. I would love to hear how you found your literary agent, if you're still with the same agent. Was your manuscript rescued from a slush pile? Did you know someone who knew someone? Did you win a contest? Did you meet your agent at a writers conference?

Today, I stumbled across this interview with Sheri Reynolds from 1997, where she discusses the "business" of publishing. 

"I learned it's not really about the quality of your work. I thought I was special as a writer, but this experience [being regarded as a mid-list author] made me feel devalued. I was happier before when I could pretend it was about art, but I know now that publishing is just another business. I was gullible before. Now I'm less gullible and more jaded. It's not a way I want to be."- SFGate, 1997, "Education of a Novelist/Anointed by Oprah, Sheri Reynolds got a crash course in the book business"

I know that we can all relate on some level. (I can relate on many levels.)

Is there anything you want aspiring writers to know about finding the right agent? I'm going to teach a seminar in the fall on finding the right agent, and I'd love to hear from you.