Sunday, May 17, 2015

BookSlut is the Best!!!

Just being me, I love the book blog ‪#‎Bookslut‬, and have for some time. I also love this review. If you haven't read ‪#‎AboveUsOnlySky‬, read this review, and you'll definitely want to read the novel!
"Young-Stone beautifully balances historical facts of Lithuania and human tragedy of the Holocaust with elements of quirk and magical realism. This might seem unlikely and difficult -- a Holocaust book that includes women with wings and boys with psychic visions and a photographer who doesn't grow old -- but it all works because the magical elements don't seem so impossible under this author's masterful hand. If we live in a world where 11 million people were exterminated, chambers created for the act of mass murder, graves dug by the very men who were to inhabit them, babies dropped out of train cars by their mothers so that they would not have to face the death camps -- can we not also accept that we live in a world where there are women who are born with wings? Does one really sound more impossible than the other? If we can believe the worst, maybe, at least for the course of a novel, we can also believe that some people are birds, just waiting to fly home."

I'm a dork, but I have never read a review that so captures what my novel is about.  Magical realism isn't magical.  It's perception.  How do you choose to see the world?