Friday, January 2, 2015

March 3, 2015

Happy New Year!  Here is a wonderful synopsis and review of Above Us Only Sky:

"This is a beautiful book about a girl born with wings (but has them removed) and tells the story of her family, including an aunt who also had wings. This is a novel about family, identity, and loss. It also tells a story about Lithuania that really resonated with me and made the story all the more captivating! 

I was so taken with this story and the characters. I truly didn't want to stop reading - it was one of those books I wish was 300 MORE pages because I hated to say goodbye to it. Such a well written novel with a current and historical story to tell. I almost don't want to say anything more beyond - in March 2015, get your hands on this book and fall in love! I highly recommend it to all!"

From Amy's Book Obsession *Adventures in Reading


  1. This seems like an interesting fiction to read! I think i should give it a read and maybe ask my daughter to read it too. Yeah, i'll do that.

  2. Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks.