Monday, May 13, 2013

“The story of two women separated by oceans, generations and war, but connected by something much greater--the gift of wings.”

All feels right with the world.  I am excited to begin edits on my next book.  It has been a good while in the making.  Looking back at journal entries, I realize that I started the book toward the end of 2010/the beginning of 2011--after finishing PERFECT BIRDS, my second novel.  It sounds a little confusing, but basically, I've written two novels since THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS, and the third one will be the next one to be published; it will be my first novel published by Simon and Schuster.  (The Handbook... was published by a branch of Random House.)

Over the past two years, there were times when I thought that I
would never be able to render this story the justice it deserved.  It is an epic novel spanning oceans, wars and generations, but it is also an intimate novel, a story of one family, splintered, but connected by the power of two girls borns with wings.  I had trouble finding that intimate fully-formed narrative amidst the larger world view of a country ravaged by war and occupied for fifty years.  But I did it.  Insert weird cheer dance here.   

All is right with the world.  The seeds have sprouted.  It's the growing season.   

But, you might ask:

Q. When will it be published?

And, I'd tell you in my long-winded way:

A.  I don't know, not yet, but I'm all right with that.  Maybe next year, I think, but again, I'm not sure, and again, I'm really good with that.  You see, when it is published, it will be the book that I always hoped it would be.  It will be a novel that you'll want to read.  It will be one of those books that you won't want to put down, but near the end, you'll only read a page at a time because you won't want it to be over.  Every novelist wants to write a book like that.  I think maybe hopefully that I've succeeded at this.  We'll see.  Fingers crossed.  

It feels good to be over the rainbow.  There really is a pot of gold down there.  

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