Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where's Michele? At 7 o'clock, WORD Brooklyn.

Here I am! Here I am!

Hard at work on revising novel #3--The Saints of Los Vientos. I had expected to be finished by Oct. 1st. Then by Oct. 12th, and now I am shooting for Oct. 28th.

The book is written. There is a beginning, middle and end, but as my delightful agent pointed out--from reading the first chapter--"You have to remember 'clarity'. Not everyone is going to know who these people are...' Me and my weird wonky brain.

Anyhoo, I am in Brooklyn right now, in Greenpoint, and loving it. This is my first time staying in Brooklyn. Tonight, I am on a panel with the talented, NY Times Bestselling author, Heidi Durrow, and my brilliant cupcake of an agent, Michelle Brower. I also get to hang with my editor at Simon and Schuster. She's no cupcake. She's more like a conductor, a wielder of light and lightning. (And Michelle is only cupcake on the surface. She is brilliant cupcake. Tangy.)

So, here I am. Where are you? Whatcha doin'?

Ooh, ooh, ooh, and lest I forget to mention it: My sister is here in Brooklyn with me. Yay, Sis! See you back in RVA soon. And seriously: Whatcha doin?

--If you happen to be in NYC or Brooklyn tonight, come see me. 7 o'clock! Word Brooklyn. I will sign a book for you. I will even dance. More than likely. I'm going to be surrounded by my favorite people.


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  1. Great meeting you and Heidi that day. Can't wait for more WORD events and more books from the both of you. Thanks again for all the kind words and assurances. Publishing is a tricky business it is. Nose back to the grindstone or Microsoft Word as it were.