Monday, August 8, 2011


Since my son started talking, I've picked up a new nickname, "Shel".
At birth, my dad nicknamed me Micki Moose because I was such a plump baby.

My friend Anne calls me "Shell" with two l's and got me this book, which is a pretty strange book--as I am a strange bird. Feeling woozy and wonky as I finish book three. Feeling like Micki Moose and Shel and Shell.

Because I'm a Michele with one "l", I find it difficult to be "Shell." I know that this sounds like Crazy Shell talk, but I guess that's what I'm getting at: Do most writers feel more comfortable in the worlds they write? Do most writers feel like their characters are more than figments of their imaginations? Are the characters your friends? Do your characters write you letters? Do you cry when you have no other option than to kill them off? Are we all hanging on by a thread to keep the fictional world separate from the real world, or are we ALL hanging by a thread, each and every one of us (in one way or another)?

Am I a Crazy Shell?

Are you a crazy shell? What's your nickname? What's your favorite food? Do you sleep with socks on or off? Nightlight or pitch black?

Crazy "Shel" wants to know!


  1. And I call you MiYoSto from the way your Twitter name looks or looked at one time. At least I think it was Twitter.

    My name is Wendy but I've also been lovingly called: window, windex, William (a favorite), and stormy (teen years)

    I changed my name completely in HS to a rendition of my middle name which is Christine... which became Khrys. I reverted back to Wendy for college/work but I use Khrys as my writing name. She feels more creative and in touch with my characters. Dillusional? Maybe.

    The answer, for me, to all of your questions about characters and hanging on is a resounding YES! They talk to me and I to them. They interfere with my day when I try to live "normally" and keep me awake at night. How lonely my life would be without them checking up on me.

    Socks on at bedtime but off by the time I wake up. TV on for night light when I'm scared (TV totally keeps the zombies away)..

  2. OH, how I love you, Wendy and Windex and Khrys. Yay! Thanks for the post. And thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone. My agent always says, "You're either cursed or really talented or both." I say BOTH.