Monday, March 28, 2011


I was in the coolest MAN CAVE I've ever been in last night. We are talking multiple televisions, dartboard, wood stove, great art, great food, great lighting, great company, kick-ass bar, refrigerator... I felt like I was in that movie HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, when Betty Grable goes up to the rustic hunting lodge (terrible reference for a MAN CAVE, I realize) but if you've seen the movie, you get what I'm saying.

The only thing missing was the bear rug. Me, the vegetarian, wants a bear rug on the floor. Go figure.

Anyway, the MAN CAVE got me thinking and wondering: whatever happened to the MENSTRUATION HUT? Wasn't that the original cave? When did men start getting their own huts? What do we girls have? The kitchen? Is the kitchen still "a woman's place"? I don't think so. Many a month, I think about those good old days when women were shunned and sent to menstruate together in a cave. No wonder that girls who spend a lot of time together end up having their periods at the same time. It's in our DNA. We've lost our Hut time.

We've lost our huts to our husbands, and they've turned them into caves. It sounds like I'm unhappy and down-in-the-mouth about this, and I might be except for the fact that I was invited into the MAN CAVE. YAY!!!! The MAN CAVE doesn't discriminate. I could've used the urinal thing if I'd wanted, if I could've figured out just how to do such a thing... hmmm.

The MAN CAVE shows just how far we've all come. Us girls aren't shunned five days a month (although I might like that), and the men/boys are good sharers. Three cheers for the evolution (?????) of the MAN CAVE.


  1. I like the bear rug in the man cave and the menstrual hut. I'm sure those rugs are floating around at estate sales.

  2. Just when you thought that women on earth had it bad!

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