Monday, March 28, 2011


I was in the coolest MAN CAVE I've ever been in last night. We are talking multiple televisions, dartboard, wood stove, great art, great food, great lighting, great company, kick-ass bar, refrigerator... I felt like I was in that movie HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, when Betty Grable goes up to the rustic hunting lodge (terrible reference for a MAN CAVE, I realize) but if you've seen the movie, you get what I'm saying.

The only thing missing was the bear rug. Me, the vegetarian, wants a bear rug on the floor. Go figure.

Anyway, the MAN CAVE got me thinking and wondering: whatever happened to the MENSTRUATION HUT? Wasn't that the original cave? When did men start getting their own huts? What do we girls have? The kitchen? Is the kitchen still "a woman's place"? I don't think so. Many a month, I think about those good old days when women were shunned and sent to menstruate together in a cave. No wonder that girls who spend a lot of time together end up having their periods at the same time. It's in our DNA. We've lost our Hut time.

We've lost our huts to our husbands, and they've turned them into caves. It sounds like I'm unhappy and down-in-the-mouth about this, and I might be except for the fact that I was invited into the MAN CAVE. YAY!!!! The MAN CAVE doesn't discriminate. I could've used the urinal thing if I'd wanted, if I could've figured out just how to do such a thing... hmmm.

The MAN CAVE shows just how far we've all come. Us girls aren't shunned five days a month (although I might like that), and the men/boys are good sharers. Three cheers for the evolution (?????) of the MAN CAVE.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Win It BEFORE you can BUY IT!!! The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors

From The Book Lady: "Michele Young-Stone’s debut novel The Handbook for Lightning Strike SurvivorsFont size

was one of my favorite books of 2010, and that was the case well before she and I figured out that we live minutes from each other and became friends. The Handbook has been widely praised (Publishers Weekly called it one of the top ten debuts of 2010) and was just selected as a Target Emerging Author selection for this summer.

And? Michele just signed a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster, so there is more goodness to come.

The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors will be out in paperback April 5th, and this is your one and only chance to win it before you can buy it."

Three lucky winners will win:

  • A signed paperback edition of The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors
  • A Skype or phone-in visit with you or your book club

How to enter:

Do one, get one entry. Do both, get two. It’s that easy. The giveaway closes at midnight this Friday, March 25th, and winners will have the book in their hot little hands before it is available in stores.

*Pictured above: Susan Gregg Gilmore, author of The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove and Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen, and Rebecca Joines Schinsky, The one-and-only Book Lady. She's always throwing her panties around (see her blog), and I got to be her roomie at VA Festival of the Book!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what's your relationship with paper?

I've been busy with new characters romping in my head. Thinking about their likes and dislikes.

Thinking about my own.

Wondering how the technological age is going to change our relationship with books, and more specifically, paper.

Holding onto my Nana's old brown recipe book containing Depression-and WWII-era recipes, thinking how I pull up recipes online, how I don't know if I even NEED that subscription to Vegetarian Times, but I have a thing for paper. I'm actually allergic to cheap recycled papers like paper bag paper and cardboard. (This used to come in handy when people asked me to help them move. Now, half the people I know, pack in plastic bins...)

I remember when I first started looking for an agent: No one accepted email queries. Everything was paper. No one accepted electronic submissions. Everything was paper. Now it's the opposite. I'm all for saving trees, but I'm also a lover of paper. I write in all my favorite novels. I underline passages and dog-ear pages, and if I haven't mauled a book, chances are that I really didn't love it.

All that said, I just don't know how I feel about e-books and Kindles and Nooks, etc.

What do you think?

p. s. The "paperback" version of The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors "drops" April 5th. ha ha... drops...