Monday, December 13, 2010

Moody Middle School and Appomattox Governors School, THANK YOU!!!!

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!

So, in the past week, I have had two incredible experiences at two different schools: First, I visited The Appomattox Governors School for the Arts last Thursday, and then today, I visited Moody Middle School's IB program (Creative Writing class) in Henrico.

I had an awesome time at both schools!

The students couldn't have been nicer. Everyone asked really smart questions--the kind of questions I'm used to getting at writers' conferences. These kids are creative and smart! Both schools are participating in the Scholastic Writing contest, and last year, Moody Middle had five winners who read their work at Carnegie Hall! I know that AGRS also had some winners!

Way to go!! Thank you again for a wonderful experience. I hope to visit both schools again in January or February to update them on what's going on with book 2--Perfect Birds.

Thank you to Patty Smith (AGRS) and Patricia Walker for having me. It's so rewarding to talk to young people who love writing and books.

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  1. I only wish I had discovered writing at such a young age! And my son has the same tool bench! He loves it! :o)