Monday, November 29, 2010

Perfect Birds

My second novel has a title! It's Perfect Birds. To quote my agent, "It’s a wonderful, beautiful, airborne novel," and that's how it feels to me.

I made some final tweaks today and rather than feeling insecure, I'm elated that my newest characters: Gloria, Sheff, Eddie, Molly, Frank and Isabel have come to life.

When I visit with writers or book clubs, I'm often asked, "Is it hard when a book ends? Is it hard letting the characters go?"

The thing is... I've realized... They never go. They are always here with me, and I am grateful!

*I am also grateful for the two perfect birds above: Gemma Driver Cioletti, new mama, and Chrissy Robin, back when he was a Buddha Baby. TELL ME ABOUT SOME BEAUTIFUL BIRDS THAT YOU KNOW!!!!!!!


  1. Yay! I knew your editor would like it! I am jealous, but in a really cool, awed kind of way!

  2. That's awesome! I can't wait to read it! This made me think about how much I love seeing a Cardinal flying around or sitting on a branch dusted with snow:)