Friday, November 5, 2010

It's only rock and roll but I like it...

So, NO thanks to you guys: I finished my as-yet untitled second novel. I was seeking ideas for the ending. No one chimed in with "How about a lightning strike?" or "What if Becca and Buckley show up?" or "Can somebody fall in love?" Or "Can there be a lot of gore?" Just kidding.

Seriously, this was a hard book to write. During the process, the characters became so real, they wrote letters to me. Now, mind you, I'm not delusional--I don't think--so I know that I was the one doing the writing, but these characters of mine, Gloria and Sheff, wrote me letters! "Dear Michele,..." they said. They said a lot more, but it'll ruin the novel if I tell you exactly what they said. I kept joking, "At least they haven't texted me," at which, my friend Vicki promptly borrowed a stranger's phone and sent me texts from Becca and Buckley. Thanks, Vicki, for keeping it light.

I also made collages of every scene in the book while writing the novel. It's a wonderful gift to have all these darlings in my head. But, it can be a little strange sometimes too. It's all in the living and the doing. Boy, I feel happy some days. I hope you do too. All my love. michele aka shel

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