Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

My son started school yesterday. He is precious. For three days leading up to the start of kindergarten, I think I cried, realizing this is the end of one phase of childhood. He's spending his days elsewhere.

I didn't cry when I dropped him off on Tuesday. Did any of you guys cry when you took your kids their first day? It is NOT an easy thing to do.

He's growing up!


  1. When she started junior kindergarten, my daughter was NOT about to let me wait for the bus with her. She was five after all. I had to watch her from the dining room window so she could do it by herself. When she went to college....we both cried and laughed about that day. She said she was quite nervous but wanted to see if I would actually let her do it by herself.

  2. yes- I still cry when I send them off anywhere new, far away, or dangerous. But not in front of them.

  3. According to the new dress code, students will be required to wear short- or long-sleeved, collared shirts in the school’s colors, red, navy or white. Sleeveless shirts are banned. Students can wear pants, knee-length shorts, jumpers or skirts in either navy blue or khaki/tan.