Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Meet me on the mountain is this year's theme. It makes sense: A mountain is a prime spot from which to jump.

My son, who is attending Vacation Bible School this week, is understandably very curious about God. Here’s a sampling of questions and answers--why I might jump off that mountain:

“What do people eat in heaven?” “Will I have to sleep on a cloud? I don’t want to sleep on a cloud. I want to sleep in my own bed with my blue dog and all my things. I want you to be there and daddy. Will you be there?”

“Of course I’ll be there…

And no; you don’t have to sleep on a cloud if you don’t want to. I haven’t been to Heaven personally so I don’t know what they eat there, but I am pretty sure it’s all your favorite foods. And yes, your beloved Blue Dog, who you’ve had since your first Christmas, will be there too.

And here’s the other thing: You don’t have to worry about dying or going to Heaven for a VERY long time.”

“But what if I die before you? I don’t want to be alone.”

“I’ll still be there.”


“I just will.”

“Does Jesus know Mother Nature?”

“Well, certainly.”

“If God is Jesus’s dad and God is powerful, why did he let Jesus die?”

“It’s complicated.”

These are just a smattering of the questions that Vacation Bible School elicits from loquacious, charming and curious son.

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  1. Hi Michele,
    We talk about Heaven in our house all of the time. My daughter says "God throws a party every night for the day's new arrivals --- if it's a night when there is thunder and lightening, they are having a really, really big party". She also says that if you tie a note to a helium filled balloon, it will get to the appropriate recipiant --- "there are angels that work in Heaven's mailroom just waiting for those balloons to arrive" (more on the party theme, I suppose). She also says that upon arriving in Heaven, "everyone is young again, healthy and able to do those things they may not have been able to do on Earth --- like walk, run, jump, play and laugh. And, you get to eat anything and everything you want!"
    Heaven sounds like a great place to me!!!
    p.s. It was so nice meeting you Sunday night. I'm excited for you and your success.
    Page B.