Sunday, June 13, 2010

You can Win a Free Signed Book plus 5 Writer Tips

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On the Road Again
Five writer tips from a traveling novelist newbie:

1. When speaking or signing books in public, dress comfortably. There's nothing worse than boob sweat or having your dress stuck to the back of your thighs, or even worse--lodged in your underwear.

2. Even if no one buys or bothers to peruse your book, smile, and act like you don't mind. You're just happy to be invited.

3. If someone spends an hour talking to you about your novel, and your attention has been solely on this person, telling them why your book is a "Must Read" and "a great gift," as other readers have moved away, and then, this possible reader says, "I'm not buying anything today," or "I don't read" and walks away, don't be upset. Smile. You're happy just to be invited.

4. If you're sitting alone with your giant stack of books, and the stack is not shrinking, and you'd much rather be home writing your new book, get some paper out and have at it. Write anything. Better yet, read one of the ten books you've bought in support of your fellow writers. You'll learn something!

5. The most important rule: You're happy to be invited!


  1. Thanks for posting these.

    Rule #1 is a good one. (Who knew it was going to be so HOT in Galax?)

    Rule #3: Someone stood at my table and read a whole story from one of my books.

  2. This is so awful/wonderful at the same time. I'm looking forward to it! :) xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Becky, that's hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!