Saturday, June 12, 2010

Writers, writers everywhere!!

Writers, writers everywhere in Galax, Virginia.

Thanks to Chapters Bookshop for hosting the Authors on Grayson Street Festival.

Pictured: Me, Michele, Anne Clinard Barnhill author of At Home in the Land of Oz, and Kathleen Grissom, author of The Kitchen House.

My sweet son, who loathes having his picture taken, insisted on being in this shot--because it's hard sharing your mom with other authors.

I thoroughly enjoyed the company of Anne and Kathleen. It's fantastic meeting other talented writers.

Other highlights: meeting Kevin Donleavy, author of Strings of Life--Conversations with Old-Time Musicians from Virginia and North Carolina; Jennifer Frick-Ruppert, author of Mountain Nature (she was my table buddy!), Becky Mushko, author of Ferradiddledumday, An Appalachian Version of Rumpelstiltskin, and Peggy Ann Shifflett, author of The Red Flannel Rug and many other books centered around Appalachia. And Erica Eisdorfer, author of The Wet Nurse's Tale. In addition to being a talented novelist, Erica manages The Bull's Head Bookshop in Chapel Hill.

I had such a nice time in Galax. And it was the most fun getting to hang out in Chestnut Creek with my husband and son. Thanks, Galax. We'll be back!

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  1. Nice to meet you there, Michele. I had a great time in Galax, too. I just ordered The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors from Amazon.