Friday, June 11, 2010

What's going on?

I want to fly like a bird--with direction--and not like a kite or a leaf.

I want to hold time still. Yesterday in Chestnut Creek with my son; keep the picture, the smell, temperature, taste, rockiness and certainty with me. Certainty seems hard to come by sometimes.

Galax is beautiful: writers, monarch butterflies, crayfish, river glass, chestnuts, the Galax leaf. Sunday, I drive to Chapel Hill to tape Bookwatch with D. G. Martin, who was so wonderful to invite me.

And Tuesday, I get to meet with the Richmond Book Club in Midlothian. I am THRILLED that they've embraced me and my book. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today in Galax I met fellow writers: Jennifer Frick-Ruppert, Peggy Ann Shifflett, Kathleen Grissom (who spoke with Heidi Durrow at the VA Festival of the Book), Anne Clinard Barnhill (a friend of Therese Fowler's) and Becky Mushko. I can't wait to post my pictures (forgot my USB cable).

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