Saturday, June 19, 2010

Losing My Mind

I have a serious problem with losing things. I always have. This problem is apparently inherited from my dad. I can remember him stomping around the house like a lunatic, shouting, "Where are my god-damn keys?" I did not plan on following in his footsteps, but I did--to some degree--anyway.

For instance, today I lost the book I was reading. It's absolutely ridiculous, as I was reading it last night, but that said, I've searched the sofa and between the bed and wall, my pillows, beneath the covers. I seem to only lose things that are important to me. Another example: many years ago, I lost my wedding ring. It was a very nice ring--as my husband slid it onto my finger during our wedding ceremony--so you can imagine it was very nice and not as easily replaced as a book--and I was devastated. I told him. "God damn it! I lost my wedding ring. I put it right here. It was right here!" I pointed beside the kitchen sink.

We took the sink apart. No ring.

My husband said, "It will turn up. Don't worry about it, honey."

It never turned up. I turned our house upside down but the ring didn't fall out.

I think I would lose my mind if I didn't have my husband to ground me. I love him so much. I grew up with a raging dad, and I married a soft-spoken witty man. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I used to think... Well, I think I'm losing my mind this time, this time I'm losing my mind. --Beastie Boys, Mike D (I got to meet the Beastie Boys back in the 90s... back in the day!) And sometimes I still do think that way--that I'm losing my mind--but I have this awesome family to keep me sane. I wasn't born into them. I chose them, and that makes my family all the better.


  1. Just found you after reading The Handbook. Loved the book, I always know that I've read something that will stick with me when I feel like I have to say goodbye to the characters when I get to the end. This blog post is awesome because I actually lost The Handbook when I was in the middle of reading it, and I really thought I was going crazy because I was just reading it 2 hours ago!!! It ended up being outside on my deck. Where I had been reading it last. Heh. And those same Beasties lyrics were going through my head too as I was frantically searching (I love the Beastie Boys; in high school, my friends and I called ourselves the Beastie Babes and memorized all the songs on Licensed to Ill). Weirdness. I also lost my engagement ring several years ago. I had taken it off when I was making cookies. Didn't lose it then. Lost it as I was putting it back on and clumsily missed my finger. It dropped and bounced somewhere out of sight. I was late for a family party and figured it was under the oven, came home later to retrieve it and, lo and behold, no ring. It was gone for a year and a half. During that time, I had it replaced by insurance, but it wasn't the same. One day, my husband said, "That's it, I know it's here, I'm going to find it!" He tore up the kitchen, I mean tore it up. He emerged from under the cabinet, victorious, holding my ring high above his head, huge smile on his face. It was in a crevice where one cabinet meets the other, way in the back. How it got all the way back there I'll never know, but there you go. I have it back. Don't give up, you'll find that ring.

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