Monday, June 7, 2010

It won't happen to me!!!!

Oh, yes it will! As the steamy weather continues, so do the thunderstorms. People who have read my debut novel tell me that they think twice now about staying outside to finish gardening or play ball, and I'M GLAD.

Lightning can strike AT LEAST five miles from a thunderstorm. This means that you might be standing under thick puffy clouds and blue skies, thunder in the distance, and ZAP, lightning strikes.

Recently, a man was struck locally in Brandermill and more recently, a young woman about to be proposed to, was struck and killed on a mountaintop. Her fiancee suffered second-degree burns, but still attempted CPR in the storm, as did EMS. Everyone says that lightning strike injuries are rare, but this isn't true. A great percentage of people struck indirectly by lightning do not go to the hospital or report the injury. There are all types of lightning, and you can die!

Respect nature. If you see stormy clouds, seek shelter. You can't predict the first strike, and thunder doesn't have to occur before that first strike touches down. Don't let your kids play under stormy skies. Thunder is the sound lightning makes when it connects from cloud to ground. Thunder is not only a warning. It's lightning touching the earth. Please be careful, and if someone is struck, begin CPR immediately. The main cause of death from lightning is the electrical charge causes the heart to stop beating--cardiac arrest. Administer CPR until paramedics arrive.

Be safe this summer!

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