Thursday, June 17, 2010

HAVE BOOK CLUB? WILL TRAVEL! Or speaker phone... Or skype...

To say that I had an awesome time with the Richmond Book Club that I found at is an understatement.

I am blown away by the positive response my novel is getting from readers. It is so emotionally affecting to know that my characters stick with readers and that readers want more of them. "Will you write a sequel?" "Can you include the character Tide in another book?" "I really want to know that he turns out okay."

It's so wonderful! Because these characters are my family. A wonderful woman at the book club, who I'd met at Chippenham Hospital when my book first sold, wondered, "How can you talk so objectively, without being defensive, about your characters?" And the truth is, as I explained,
"First, great question! And one I'd never heard, but secondly, my characters are who they are. I know they're flawed and 'damaged' as Publisher's Weekly aptly stated, but that's what makes them so endearing, so real.

Just last night, I stopped by a friend's house. We were chit-chatting and for some reason, I told the story of how when I was in high school and we would go to parties, I had a friend who raided deep freezers and stole meat, like leg-of-lamb and pork chops, steak, etc. My friend who I was talking to, said, "No wonder you're a writer." I think we all know people who steal meat from deep freezers. We just don't all write about them.

All that said, if you are in a book club, I would love to come and talk with your group and if you're miles or states away, I would love to do a speaker phone or skype meet-up. I did one with a group of delightful women in Louisiana, and it was a blast.

Thanks for all the love. Thanks, Richmond Book Club. Thanks to all the book clubs who support me, and reminder, mark your calendar: Sunday, July 11th, 6 o'clock, Gallery 5, 200 W. Marshall Street, City Wide Book Club--River City . Everyone is invited. Please come. Ask questions. Spread the word. Light fare and libations for sale. Bring your kids. Bring neighbors and friends and cohorts and frenemies. Bring it on. Get your read on, Richmond, Virginia!


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