Friday, May 7, 2010


There are so many things that I've wanted to blog about lately, but I've been "mad with the words," revising ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL for the TWELFTH time--not including the 2,000 pages I wrote leading up to these twelve drafts.

That said: REVELATION. The reason that I wanted to be a published novelist is so that I could help people to see the world in a new way. I wanted to make people feel things deeply and appreciate what they have, what they might take for granted. And I wanted to entertain... And I'm driven to do this. I love writing stories!

So, today, I got the following email from a reader:

Favorite line: 'Buckley squeezed Joan Holt's hand.' And his 'Excerpts' are written in such an honest and believable and cute voice....a terrific effort." so keep writing! You put a lot of other current novelists to shame: wit, wisdom and talent for nuance are all there in your work. Right on, sister.

And the following phone call from a friend/reader:

I hadn't read a book in fifteen years, and then I couldn't put yours down. Thank you for making me want to read again.

Oh, and three days ago, I got this email:

I love your book, I'm a lightning strike survivor too, I bought your book in a trip to Washington but I live in Caracas, Venezuela. Thank you for giving me the impulse to write in spanish my own story. Congratulations!!! Looking forward for your second book. Best regards

For the record, I am all torn up! There were years when I thought I'd never publish. I am so happy that people are enjoying my words.

AND... Check out my guest spot on Coffee with a Canine. It's too fun!

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