Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Guest Blogger this Friday!

I am excited to host my first ever guest blogger this Friday, May 21st!

Victoria Winterhalter, the blogger for Richmond Family Magazine, will blog about writing and parenting.

Before having kids, she spent ten years teaching English in elementary and middle schools. Since moving to VA with her family, she's taught primarily at John Tyler Community College in Chester - Freshmen Comp. classes, American Literature, and Creative Writing.

Victoria publishes articles on teaching writing in academic journals, but most of the writing she does is related to parenting - first for All About Kids and now for Richmond Family, which is what led to her awesome blog--Parenting by the Book.

Additionally, she spent some time abroad working for the Peace Corps! Which, I think is super cool! She has quite a lot to write about, and her blog is a helpful smart resource for moms and parents.

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