Sunday, April 4, 2010


9 dAyS to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are relaxing in St. Augustine. For Easter, we went on an Easter egg hunt at The Surf Station.
We won a free T-Shirt.

Christopher says, "St. Augustine is great because there aren't any leaves to rake."

Check out the Surf Station's website. They were a gas station until 1984. Everyone there is super nice.

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  1. Hello, so very glad to hear you enjoyed your adventure at the Surf Station. That was our first ever Easter egg hunt and we are glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully Christopher still likes Saint Augustine after he finds out we have leaves too, just ask the 500yr-old oak tree in my back yard that drops leaves and big pollen bundles non-stop! Haha, good luck with book release hope it goes well for you, come back and see us!