Monday, April 5, 2010


Eight days a week, I luuuuuv you... Eight days a week is not enough to show I care.

I confess. I am mathematically challenged. I lost a day somewhere--so maybe it's seven days--but we'll stick with eight days until publication because I'm on Florida time.

I watched the sun rise this morning and took a three hour nap this afternoon. I do NOT nap. I can't relax or shut my brain down so I never attempt napping. I end up frustrated. Just the same, today, I napped!
I am relaxed here at the House of Sea and Sun, where I've met delightful people. First and foremost, the owner Patty, who treats everyone like family. The sound of the ocean is our constant companion. The skies are blue. The sand white. I have come to St. Augustine to research my third book, and, if anything, thus far, I will take away a sense of this northern Florida coast, the difference between the sea here and the ocean in North Carolina. One fierce and often gray, and this one rolling and rippling the sand. I love the North Carolina coast. I'm only biased because I'm here. And I had my picture taken with a singing Leprechaun today. And my son is happy that he's made a friend--Sammy--whose grandmother Helen is visiting from Scotland. And it's all so beautiful like I hoped it would be, except for this blog which is kind of mushy and mish-mashed and sentimental. Oh well. I like that too. Love to everyone in Richmond and elsewhere.

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