Monday, March 1, 2010


42 Days to go!!!!!

DAre I say, "Next month." Be still my heart. It's too exciting.

Today I went to my son's preschool class and shared what I do for a living. My son told them, "My mom writes books."

It warms my heart.

The kids were awesome. I asked them, "When you go to the library or to a book store, how do you choose a book to read?"

One little boy said, "By the cover." Other answers included, "Transformers," and "Nancy." I decided that we'd talk about covers instead of Transformers. I showed them two covers for my book. The one pictured here--which is the actual cover--and the novel's earlier cover--which is the Advanced Reader Copy.

We then discussed which cover they liked best, and it was so cute, because a lot of them said that they liked the "Love Cover,"--the current cover--because of the boy and girl on the front. The love cover! They also liked the bright colors on the love cover. A few of the boys preferred the other cover because it had the word lightning on it.

It was pretty interesting because of how one word stuck out for most of the boys, while the image dominated for the girls. Really, the kids seemed to like both, so the choice was hard.

Then, they made their own book covers. It was so much fun. Thank you to Ms. Joan and Ms. Carter and the class for having me.

NEXT MONTH!!!!!!! Can you believe it? What does Stacy from What Not to Wear always say? Oh yeah! "Shut the back door!"

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