Saturday, March 6, 2010



Musings on youth and nature:
Saturday is my work day--my sunny funny solitary writing day. Today. My husband is off playing at the park with our son. I envy them, but I'm grateful to have this time to revise ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL.

Yesterday, while I was at the park with my son, I was in awe of how beautiful, how terrifically amazing this peacock was. Hypnotized by the color and poise. The bird walked round and round showing me its amazing feathers.

Inside the barn, there was an old Sheep named Daisy. Approximately 16 years old, sheep usually only live to be 11 or 12. Daisy has vertigo and confusion and walks in a circle. I thought about Alzheimer's disease and dementia and how we're sometimes too often cruel to the elderly--as if they belong to some other world.

This brought me back to ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL, to a former post about how everybody was somebody before they were just old. I can imagine Daisy as a lamb. I probably saw her then. I've been going to this park for two decades. I probably fed Daisy when she was younger.

Yesterday, we watched two goats butt horns, fighting to feed from our hands. They were young, full of spunk.

Note: My son does not want to grow up, to get old, or anything of the sort. I gave him my permission to stay young. (At least--at heart.)

My mother always said that she was young forever. She is young forever. As a girl, she saw Mary Martin play Peter Pan on Broadway and decided, "I'll be young forever." She told me this when I was seven or eight, as we ate mint chocolate chip ice cream and watched cartoons. I remember her laughing.

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