Thursday, March 25, 2010


18 Days to go! We are born to TV and taco night. Some of us. To hand-me-downs and blue toenails. To insecurity and Fiesta ware. To friendship. To good friends when we've discovered what it means to give and to receive.

We are born.

Red and blonde and tippy-toed. With flat feet and cleft palates. Easy bruisers and thick-skinned. Fast and slow. Brown-eyed. Bewildered. Bipolar and broke.

We are born. Characters. Books. Bedtime stories. Scheduled c-sections and surprises. Gay, straight, bisexual. Born. Premature and after term. A million variations, striations.

Soon, my little book is born. Insignificant against flat-footed and gay. Insignificant against bipolar and brown-eyed. But born. Come to fruition. Like you and this second in time. Undeniable.

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