Sunday, March 28, 2010


15 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!! I am feeling really good about the launch of my new novel. I can be an "anxious sort". That's putting it mildly, but I figure since being a published writer has been my dream since I was seven years old, it would be kinda dumb to expend energy feeling nervous about book signings and such when what I really want to do is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this wonderful experience.

Thanks to everyone who's sent emails of support. And remember, you can still pre-order your book from Chop Suey Books at 422-8066. They're offering 20% off all pre orders. Go for it!


I have an old postcard I've kept. I keep lots of old postcards. In this particular one, there's a woman in front of a white steepled church, bees swarming her head. Last year, for research purposes, my friend Allyson performed energy healing on me, and while I was lying there, my eyes closed, her hands feeling for energy passing through my chakras, I heard a sound like a week whacker, and thought, "I wish that would stop. It's driving me batty." Well, lo and behold, it turns out that a bee was swarming around my head. Allyson didn't want to stop the session, and eventually, the bee flew off and disappeared. Just today, I was sitting revising my novel, and touching my hair, I heard a buzzing sound. I touched my hair again. More loud buzzing. Well, wouldn't you know it: another bee!

From what I've read, bees are associated with celebration and with Aphrodite. "Honey bees are a shamanic sign of passion, progress, and sexuality. They are also tied to joy and creativity...." From Lipstick Mystic,

If you feel like it, share your thoughts about bees buzzing around. xxoo

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