Tuesday, March 30, 2010


HELL'S BELLS!!!!!! 13 DAYS TO GO! I can't believe it. When I think about it, my stomach flutters how a first kiss makes you feel. My mother keeps telling me, "Never forget: You deserve this. You worked hard." Like my husband, she knows the rejection I endured. She got to hear me cry. She's also heard my elation these last eighteen months.

I'm getting emails from people as far away as Colorado and Ohio, telling me, "I loved your book."

I feel incredible. I love Becca and Buckley too and I'm so glad that other people are getting to know them.

On Saturday, April 17th, I am the guest blogger at The Debutante Ball--totally worth checking out. These debut authors have a great site: http://thedebuatanteball.com

See you then! Remember to wear your seatbelt! It's the law.

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