Tuesday, February 23, 2010


DAY 49
I like to drink wine, and I like to whine... so allow me to do so for one sentence. Today, I got a phone call and a letter telling me that my son didn't get into the private school to which we'd applied for his kindergarten year. All right... This is already more than one sentence. Here's the thing: Had he been accepted, my husband and I would've declined them. We did not have a good experience, and as my husband so kindly pointed out to me last night: "You went to public school, and you turned out great. I went to public school, and I turned out all right." (For the record, my husband turned out super great.) Anyway, all you moms out there know that anytime your child is denied something or isn't "chosen," we take it personally. I took it personally. But here's my final word: THEIR LOSS! My son is extraordinary. Thanks for letting me whine. Now where's my wine?

On to writerly things: I revised 33 more pages today of ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL. My friends keep asking me if waiting for THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS to finally come out is making me crazy/nuts, if the anticipation is killing me. But truthfully, because I've been waiting since November of 2008 when the book sold, I'm doing really great. I'm completely calm (which is not typical). Writing and revising my newest novel ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL keeps me sane. This book allows me to let the public have Buckley and Becca (the main characters from THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS.) I've fallen in love all over again--this time with Gloria and Isabel and a host of others.

Today is really day 48... I didn't have time to post yesterday. Please forgive me. I take this countdown quite seriously. I'm definitely doing post 48 today! Thanks for the love and support.

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