Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sisters. Micki and Desi Young, c. 1973

This year, I am grateful for my family and good health all around. I'm also happy that my first book review by Publisher's Weekly was a positive one. To read part of the review, check out my website:

Here's a snippet from ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL, nearly revised for the tenth time, nearly ready to be emailed to my agent. Yippee.

Betty showed me her list of beautiful things. Hers isn’t very old. She doesn’t have photographs, paper dolls and glossy birds in hers. In Betty’s book, which she colored pink, Link is number one, and I’m second. I couldn’t believe it. After me, there’s a tie between beer-battered onion rings and William Faulkner. When I ask Betty if she’s serious about that, she laughs. Again, I don’t know what anyone is thinking anymore so I take things at face, pretending I have some insight, but I don’t. William Faulkner and beer-battered onion rings are equally beautiful.

I was walking Izzy down Main Street, and it was the strangest thing, I found a prayer card, but not any card. It was to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The card is feathered at the edges and has tire tread across it. It was such an unusual find anywhere, but particularly in downtown Greely. I wonder what Isabel Sullivan would think of little Izzy? I bet she’d think she’s beautiful. Our Mother of Perpetual Help is beautiful. She looks at us, not at Jesus, but at us, like she’s talking to me: I’m a mother, and this is my son, and this is his future, and there’s nothing to be done about it. His sandal dangles from his foot. His future suffering buffets them.