Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nine pages in three weeks

It's that time of year once again. Apple picking, crisp nights, Halloween and the annual gathering of Richmond's eccentrics and humble at the Fitzgerald campout. I am all over it!

On the writing front, I am ripping my flaxseed growing hair out! I am putting my ass in the chair every day, but in three weeks, I've revised, rewritten and rewritten and rewritten NINE PAGES. That's nine pages in 21 days. To be exact, pages 306 to 315. Oy vay. I know that when it "happens" like this, it usually pays off. Maybe other pages will fly from beneath my approaching-middle-age fingers. Certainly they will. Don't you think? I spent two of these three weeks on pages 306-309, so at least I am making progress. Happy Fall to all of you. XXXXXXX OOOOOOOOO

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