Friday, October 2, 2009

Baking and writing what you know

So, we're all familiar with the old adage, Write what you know. Whether you know it personally or you've experienced it through observation or empathy, it still has to be something that you cane imagine and identify with.

Well, that all makes good sense. But what I find funny is lately my writing seems to be determining what I do. For example, yesterday I wrote about a baker mixing flour and vanilla, eggs and sugar, and without being conscious of it, I ended up baking Toll House cookies with my son this afternoon. (We usually only bake at Christmas.) I didn't realize the connection until flour was in my son's hair, the cookies were in the oven. Cookie dough on the dog. Oh yeah, and baking soda on the floor. And butter on a CD case.

Other examples: I'm taking photographs with a Brownie Hawkeye b/c one of my latest characters has one.

I started collecting Virgin Mary figurines after my character started collecting them. I wonder if this is "normal"?

I know. I know. What's normal anyway?

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