Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tattoo Day

I got my new tattoo yesterday at Absolute Art Tattoo. It was five years in the making. I got my last tattoo when I was 33, after completing THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS. Writing a novel is a feat all by itself, but I felt the need to commemorate THE HANDBOOK'S completion.

Similarly, writing my latest novel, ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL, has been a difficult emotional but wonderful journey of self discovery. Again, I needed to mark it--with more than words. I was fortunate that the great tattoo artist David Boisineau, who helped design my first tattoo did me the same favor with this one. It's not the moon, but it is a charm of the moon, cut by a blacksmith for a girl, Isabel, who believes that as long as she can see the moon in the sky, she knows where she is. While other children play and romp after all-day Baptist church in Batesville, Virginia, she gazes at the moon. Earl Weeks, the local blacksmith makes her the charm. Isabel, stunningly beautiful, is told by her mother that she should give the charm bracelet back to Mr. Weeks, but she won't do it. It's Isabel's forever.

(The red swelling is already gone...)


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