Monday, July 6, 2009

Good News

My editor's wonderful assistant, Christine Kopprasch, sent me the latest cover art for THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS. It's a real treat for me to have it and show it to friends. I love the art so much. It's arresting and engaging. Thanks, Christine!

On another happy note, I finished my first revision of my latest novel, ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL, and sent it to my terrific agent, Michelle Brower, without whom THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS would still be a manuscript and not a soon-to-be published novel. I love Michelle Brower.

I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July.


  1. You're welcome, Michele! :-)

  2. ooo, i reckon you can't post the cover art.
    whatta tease!

  3. I wish I could post the cover art. It is awesome. You'll love it.