Friday, June 19, 2009

Cover Art: Whiting Out

Yesterday, I got an email from my editor, Sarah, saying, 'We have a new image for the galleys/cover art. This new cover will be in the catalog that's sent to various book buyers.' I was nervous about seeing the cover because I hadn't fallen in love with the last two that I'd seen, and I'd really wanted to like them. What a relief and what a bliss to see something that I think matches and complements the novel's story! I absolutely adore the new cover. It's compelling. The composition causes the eye to move circularly. It's photographic, but still iconic with images that connote electricity and with lots of white space, which from a lightning strike survivor's standpoint is like blacking out, only whiting out. I think it's perfect. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Sometimes I'm overly enthusiastic. Yeah! Kudos to Shaye Areheart and Sarah Knight.


  1. Awesome, Michele! I am happy that you are happy. I can't wait to see it for myself, on my shelf (after I read it again, of course!)!!!