Thursday, June 4, 2009

Copy Editing: A necessary evil

Querying agents, trying to get your novel published, is far more daunting than reading through and addressing copy edits. That said, I just questioned if I should put a hyphen between 'copy' and 'edits'... or if that period I just typed should go inside or outside that single quotation mark, and, should that even be a single quotation mark or should 'copy' and 'edits' be italicized?

I think I just captured the gist of copy editing. I wonder if I spelled 'gist' correctly?

Wow. As my agents so aptly stated, "Every rose has its thorn," and isn't this a wonderful thorn? It really is.

I am looking forward to working once more on ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL. I love the writing process. Not so much the copy editing.

This is a page from the copy editor's time line for my book. I had a great copy editor because THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS is by no means straightforward or linear. Kudos to copy editors. Mine in particular. It's a tough job.

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  1. Hi, Michele:

    I have no idea if you will be notified that there's a comment on this old post, so you may never see this, but anyway: Hi! I was your copyeditor (I spell it as one word even though most dictionaries don't--but we copyeditors can get away with that). I just got my copy of your book from Crown--I became aware that it was out by seeing it on a list of library acquisitions on a newsletter from a tiny town in NH where we have a family cottage--and it looks fantastic. I will now commence waving it at people who should read it. Which is anyone with good taste in books.

    I was so surprised to see my handwriting and favorite font here! And I was heartened by your last paragraph, especially after seeing the post's title.

    Congrats on your book and the praise it is getting.

    Alison Kerr Miller