Friday, June 19, 2009

Cover Art: Whiting Out

Yesterday, I got an email from my editor, Sarah, saying, 'We have a new image for the galleys/cover art. This new cover will be in the catalog that's sent to various book buyers.' I was nervous about seeing the cover because I hadn't fallen in love with the last two that I'd seen, and I'd really wanted to like them. What a relief and what a bliss to see something that I think matches and complements the novel's story! I absolutely adore the new cover. It's compelling. The composition causes the eye to move circularly. It's photographic, but still iconic with images that connote electricity and with lots of white space, which from a lightning strike survivor's standpoint is like blacking out, only whiting out. I think it's perfect. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Sometimes I'm overly enthusiastic. Yeah! Kudos to Shaye Areheart and Sarah Knight.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Run

Check out my super-star nephew, Peter. He hit a homerun in this season's final game, and I was there to see it. He's a seriously tough ball player, playing pitcher, short stop, second base, catcher, left center. You name it! I am very proud of him.
And, he's an incredible artist (I think he gets that from me.)
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Copy Editing: A necessary evil

Querying agents, trying to get your novel published, is far more daunting than reading through and addressing copy edits. That said, I just questioned if I should put a hyphen between 'copy' and 'edits'... or if that period I just typed should go inside or outside that single quotation mark, and, should that even be a single quotation mark or should 'copy' and 'edits' be italicized?

I think I just captured the gist of copy editing. I wonder if I spelled 'gist' correctly?

Wow. As my agents so aptly stated, "Every rose has its thorn," and isn't this a wonderful thorn? It really is.

I am looking forward to working once more on ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL. I love the writing process. Not so much the copy editing.

This is a page from the copy editor's time line for my book. I had a great copy editor because THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS is by no means straightforward or linear. Kudos to copy editors. Mine in particular. It's a tough job.