Monday, March 16, 2009


In celebration of nothing in particular, or maybe because every soon-to-be published novelist needs a sweet ride, whether it's a BMW, a Porsche, or (drum roll please) a Raleigh Special with pink-walled tires, I got one! I am in love with this bike. Boy, can I throw money around or what?! I told Chad at Agee's: "I want the works: pink tassels, shiny bell and basket." He said, "What kind of basket? What are you thinking of carrying in your basket?"

"The obvious, Chad: keys and wine." What a silly question. Honk if you see me out cruising or maybe don't honk. I lack balance. I might fall off the bike.

Now I need some good basket swag...


  1. That basket doesn't look big enough to safely carry wine. You'll have to drink the bottle down a little before you get started.

  2. No, I checked it out. You have to rest the bottle on its side. :0