Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My husband Danny and I went away this past weekend to The Inn at the Crossroads, Rte. 29 and Plank Road, between Keene and Batesville, Va, partly for a romantic weekend and partly to research Batesville for my novel-in-progress, ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL.

Well, lo and behold, but Sunday morning, we ended up having breakfast across from a delightful couple, Bill and Lynne Reed, owners of Misty Valley Books in Chester, Vermont. Being a new writer, it was an incredible coincidence because they have an annual event, New Voices, with debut authors, including, in the past, Dennis LeHane and Arthur Golden. Additionally, and this gives me goosebumps despite knowing that novelists are regular folks, they've had dinner at John Irving's house, and they 've seen his wrestling gym. Oh, wow! Oh, wow!

Being a true brainiac, I told Lynne and Bill that I've always wanted to visit Vermont. I used to want to live there because I love cheese and syrup. I guess I am proof that writers, even soon-to-be published ones, are regular folks. As my mentor, Tom DeHaven, always remarked, "I'm better with words on paper than in person." So true. So true. Sometimes I feel like an imposter, but who am I trying to be? Just me. Just me. If you are ever in Chester, Vermont or nearby, stop in and introduce yourself to Lynne and Bill. They are great people. I'm going to make sure they get an advance copy of THE HANDBOOK FOR LIGHTNING STRIKE SURVIVORS, and maybe they'll like it, and I'll be a NEW VOICE.

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