Thursday, March 19, 2009


I know that Alice Hoffman is a highly creative, intelligent and disciplined artist and regular girl who hikes her black skirt up the same as any other girl, but just the same: WOW, I started her novel THE THIRD ANGEL last night. This was one of the books I chose from Shaye Areheart to take home when I was visiting New York... and it's autographed! I didn't realize that she had autographed it. There's something, as a reader, that makes a writer's very handwriting sacred. It's like, "Wow! She made that mark. That's her signature." I remember the first time I read correspondence--actually saw, under glass, letters--between Hemingway and Fitzgerald. I was filled with awe and wonder, imagining myself a part of their world: maybe Zelda, but then again maybe not; I don't want to be institutionalized.

The short of it: I am honored to have an autographed copy of THE THIRD ANGEL. The novel is brilliant. Thank you, Alice Hoffman and Shaye Areheart.

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