Thursday, February 19, 2009


We made it. We had a super great flight. Forty-five minutes in the air. Bumpy going up and coming down, but perfect. Our hotel is very cool. Check it out: There's a TV in the bathroom. We're staying on W. 77th and Broadway. Tomorrow is my busy day: meetings the overseas agent, lunch with my agent and drinks with my editor. I'm excited to meet everyone face to face. And I'm particularly excited to see the Random House Building. Hopefully, I'll have lots more pictures to post. This hotel is called On the Ave. So far, very nice, very roomy; the bad news is they have a sensor connected to the mini fridge and every time Christopher picks something up from the top, it registers a purchase. We'll have to check that bill closely. He's already eaten a pricey bag of peanut M & Ms. Love to everyone. Hope you'll comment on our shenanigans. We're off to have fun. xoxoxo michele

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