Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're going to New York.

We--the whole family--are off to New York on February 19th, my bday--no less--to first and foremost, meet my wonderful and brilliant agent Michelle Brower and my equally brilliant editor, Sarah Knight. I received my first edits from her last week, and she is the exact editor I wanted and needed. Not only does she pay attention to the big picture: scene, and overall effect, but she notes those little things that separate a good book from a "really good" book: for example, she marks when I repeat the same word in the same paragraph. I hate the fact that I still do that, despite revision after revision, but enough said: Sarah Knight sees it, and she circles it. She is an editor who cares about what she helps to produce and share with readers.

I am early on the road to publication, but I feel like I am in the best hands--a safe place to be. *Thank you Michelle and Sarah.

Another exciting note: my super duper BFF Brigitte McCray, writer and academic extraordinaire, LSU Ph. D. student and overall wow-gal, is going to be in New York when we are there. She and I are going to go ice skating in Central Park. Neither of us has ever attempted ice skating. (This is one time you don't want to break a leg.) She is doing research for her thesis at the New York Public Library, a place she's never been. SHE IS GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are all going to take a taxi downtown to my favorite pizza place, Arturo's on Houston. We will sit cheek-to-cheek eating fresh mozzarella, listening to live jazz. And I'll get to do it with my favorite people, my husband, Danny, my four-year old son, Christopher and the wow-gal, Brigitte. I can't wait.

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